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Confirmed: Flyers to wear ’70’s whites at Winter Classic

Although the Flyers will officially unveil their retro-style jerseys at 2 p.m. today, at the Skate Zone in Voorhees, N.J., a source has confirmed to Philabright that they will indeed be the white jerseys from Stanley Cup champion teams of ’74 and ’75.

The organization wanted to keep the jersey style under wraps for as long as possible, to make the debut somewhat of a spectacle.  Ian Laperriere, Danny Briere and Braydon Coburn will shoot three pucks at a cut block of ice containing the jersey.  Once released, the players will put on the jersey for media photos.

Live streaming of the event can be found on CsnPhilly.com and Philadelphiaflyers.com.



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Flyers to unveil Winter Classic jersey on Sept. 11

According to the Flyers’ website, (thanks to ClockworkFlyers for the find) the team will unveil their Winter Classic jerseys on Sept. 11.  at 2 P.M.  In the past few years of the event, the teams involved in the Classic have worn throwback uniforms, most notably the Chicago Blackhawks from the 1930’s.

My guess would be the Flyers will decide on the team’s road whites from the Stanley Cup champion teams of the 70’s, but nothing is official.

Courtesy of NHLuniforms.com

Courtesy of NHLuniforms.com

The 2010 Winter Classic will take place on New Year’s Day at Fenway Park, against the Boston Bruins.

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Flyers – Bruins Winter Classic is just what the NHL needs

In his latest column, further pushing the stagnant marketing strategy of individualization of hockey, Scott Burnside of ESPN made it perfectly clear that he believes the Washington Capitals Alexander Ovechkin should be involved in the Winter Classic in place of the Philadelphia Flyers.  And even though Burnside is just trying to grow the game, albeit with a strategy that has clearly maxed out its potential, he’s still simply wrong.

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NHL schedule to be released next week

In what always equals some offseason excitement and drama, the NHL’s 2009-10 schedule is set to be released next week.  According to Mike Harrington, hockey writer for the Buffalo News,  the NHL will announce the release on either Wednesday (July 15) during the press conference at Fenway Park for the Winter Classic, or Thursday (July 16).

What makes this year different from most is the three week Olympic layoff in February.  Harrington expects the league to compress the schedule before February, adding more games and less breaks.  That should make the Flyers’ fans happy, who had to endure three to five day layoffs between games early in the 2008-09 season.

UPDATE: Schedule released

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It’s Official: Flyers to face Bruins in New Year’s Winter Classic

After being told by NBC to drop the Washington Capitals in favor of a bigger TV draw, the NHL has selected the Flyers to battle the Boston Bruins during the annual Winter Classic to be held at Fenway Park on New Year’s Day, 2010.

According to the Boston Metro earlier on Tuesday…

“Multiple reports had named the Washington Capitals as the leader in the clubhouse to take on the B’s on New Year’s Day, but multiple hockey sources revealed there are concerns from NBC over television ratings with the Capitals – who are being pushed by the NHL. The NBC is instead pushing for the Philadelphia Flyers, according to the source, and the odds are growing higher by the day that the Flyers will be traveling to the Fens in January.”

An official announcement should be made later this week.

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