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Finally Official: Flyers sign Kaspar

After weeks of speculation, the Flyers have made it official with former San Jose forward Lukas Kaspar. The former first-round selection in2004 was let go by the Sharks after underachieving and spending the majority of his pro career in the AHL.  Kaspar played just 16 games with the Sharks, scoring four points in the process.

The 23-year old has the size to be a force at 6’2, 225 lbs.,  but doesn’t play like a power forward.  Despite having a sniper’s shot and decent hands, Kaspar is inconsistent and plays a shy game.  He has signed a two-way contract and could see some time with the Flyers, if his performance in training camp and his time with the Phantoms are productive.

With the signing of Kaspar, the Flyers continue to load up the AHL-NHL tweeners.  With Krys Kolanos, Mika Pyorala, Jason Ward and now Lukas Kaspar in the mix, the Flyers have incredible forward depth in the system. Not to mention if one of these players finally hits their potential, they could quickly become an everyday NHLer.

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Kaspar’s ghost still haunting the Flyers’ rumor mill

Over the past week, there has been a constant rumor floating around that Lukas Kasper, former Shark and 22nd overall in the 2004 NHL entry draft, has a tentative deal with the Flyers or more accurately, the Adirondack Phantoms.  A deal has not yet been announced  by the team,  however, talking to Director of Player Personnel Don Luce on Monday at the Flyers’ practice facility in Voorhees, N.J.,  it’s clear the Flyers are aware of the situation.

“He is unrestricted, but we don’t know yet,” said the tight-lipped Luce, about Lukas. “We are always interested in players that can come in and help.”

When asked if the rumors were true concerning Kaspar to the Phantoms, Luce laughed and said “You will have to wait for the release.”  quickly following his statement with, “If there is one.”

The body language that Luce presented made it clear that he was aware of the situation, but he still refused to make a comment.  And although there has been no resolution to the rumors, it is evident that Philadelphia is involved in the pursuit of the 22-year old Czech.  But if they will land him still remains to be seen.

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