Giroux Recovering but He’s Not Out of the Woods Yet.

On Sunday, the Flyers aroused the optimism of their fan base by releasing a surprise photograph of concussed Claude Giroux practicing in a non-contact jersey. Not only did the team’s star forward and leading scorer make the trip to Colorado, but was in competitive spirits and working at a high level.

With the picture and accounts of the practice came an overwhelming optimistic exhale from the Flyers’ community, who have suffered through a tidal wave of bad news in the past couple weeks. From Chris Pronger to Brayden Schenn, Sean Couturier and of course, Giroux, injuries have hit the team hard and in succession.

The worst, as Giroux zipped around the Pepsi Center, seems to have passed.

But regardless of the appearance, concussions, more accurately, post-concussion syndrome, is a sneaky and unpredictable terror. Just when you think it’s better, it attacks once again, sending the player back to square one. It can be as frustrating as it is debilitating.

So given its shifty nature, it should be noted that the Flyers and Giroux are not out of the woods yet.

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