Gear Review: Easton’s New Stealth RS Hits Mark

BROOMALL – When you first see Easton’s new state-of-the-art Stealth RS in action, you can’t help but be in awe of it’s distinctive flat black look and sleek design.

When you play with it, however, it’s clear that the feel and usage of the high-end twig matches it’s stellar appearance.

The expectation before gripping the smooth-looking stick is that it will have a graphite or glossy feel typical of many lighter models. But what you first notice when you actually pick it up is it’s light mass and the medium stickiness of the Kevlar-wrapped shaft. The grip isn’t too much that you feel bound to one area but it’s enough that you don’t need grip tape to feel comfortable. It’s an overlooked feature but definite plus.

Secondly, the solid build but light weight makes it smooth to stick handle and effortless to shoot. It can’t be said enough that in using the stick and with players trying it out, the word kept coming out of their mouths was just that — effortless.

“It felt good in the hands and also felt like you had more control when you had the puck or were receiving a pass with it,” said Brian Bell, a senior at Cabrini College and a top scorer in the PCRHL. “The light weight of the stick helped improve stick speed when deking and shooting.”

The blade comes in 11 styles and is built seamlessly with the shaft, giving the stick a very solid feel and plenty of customizable options. The build is matched with a specifically made flex profile by Easton to give the stick less vibrations and a smoother push.

It’s kick and release is sharp, especially on a roller hockey Sport Court.

The only downside of the RS is it’s price and availability. Running about $250 according to, the stick is pricey and many in-rink shops won’t carry it because of that. However, there is a mystique behind it’s exclusivity. That, matched with its distinct and unique design,  and whoever is armed with the RS will undoubtedly get noticed.

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