Philly Sports Daily: Who’s Whining Now? Sabres Call Flyers Richards for ‘Mass Murder’

Less than a week after Buffalo Sabres coach Lindy Ruff chastised the Flyers, mainly captain Mike Richards, for ‘whining’ about the officiating and behind-the-play activity from his team, it was the long-time bench boss who was singing for discipline.

In the third period of the Flyers’ eventual 5-4 overtime win, Richards became tangled with Sabres’ forward Tim Connolly heading into the corner. With Connolly stumbling forward, Richards tried to separate him from the puck with a shove. The push, however, which garnered a two-minute boarding penalty, sent Connolly face first into the glass with the momentum of Richards along with falling.

Connolly, who has a concussion history, never returned to the contest and is ruled out for Game 7 on Tuesday at Wells Fargo Center.

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2 responses to “Philly Sports Daily: Who’s Whining Now? Sabres Call Flyers Richards for ‘Mass Murder’

  1. Allison

    Whining? Seriously? You, sir, are an idiot. Richards is a thug and deserves to be suspended. The league must suspend Richards if it wants to reduce the risk of head injuries in the game. The Flyers may be the better team overall, but the Sabres deserve to win for because of dirty players on Philly.

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