Are the Flyers Overrated?

Yes, they are, according to a and players poll.

Of the players surveyed, four-percent said the Flyers are the most overrated team in hockey. The vote ranks them fifth behind the San Jose Sharks (10%), Montreal Canadiens (11%) Vancouver Canucks (12%) and the Washington Capitals (35%).

At the All-Star break, the Flyers are tied for first in the NHL in points with 71, while also leading the league in wins with 33.

However, Philly did get some respect. Also ranked was Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger, who brought in 20-percent or third place, as the toughest defenseman in the league to play against. He fell behind Nick Lidstrom (20.3%) and Zdeno Chara (34%).

And in a poll that should make everyone happy, when asked if fighting should be abolished in the NHL, 98-percent of the league said no.

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