Flyers Bobrovsky Talks Girlfriend, Driving Illegally PHOTO by YEGOR KIPRINA


As rare as a prized rookie goaltender is in their organization, the Flyers might want to do more to help Sergei Bobrovsky be happy.

According to Dmitry Chesnokov in a translation of a article, Bobrovsky is traveling to Toronto during the All-Star break, in order to see his girlfriend, Olga, who has been refused a visa to stay within the United States.

Per @Chesnokov on Twitter,

Bobrovsky: “My girlfriend was refused a visa to the US again. They think she will stay here illegally. They tell her a single girl has no business being in the States. So during the ASG break I will fly to Toronto to spend 5 days with her. She has a Canadian visa. When the #Flyers played in Vancouver we spent Christmas together.”

On top of that, Bobrovsky has purchased his first car, a Lexus, but has yet to acquire a US license.

Bobrovsky: “I finally bought myself a car. I drive with my Russian license. Don’t know if I’m allowed to; haven’t been pulled over yet.”

Will someone get this man a driver or maybe even a reality show? I’m not sure a Russian national with a limited grasp of the English language and no license would go over smoothly with the area police. (Update: Bob can legally drive with international license for a specified time before needing a US license.)

Bobrovsky also said that when he came to Philadelphia, he has his sights set on wearing jersey number one. Of course, that belongs to Bernie Parent, causing Bob to retreat to his former national team number of 35.


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2 responses to “Flyers Bobrovsky Talks Girlfriend, Driving Illegally

  1. Lol, I vote reality show:) But our visa system is so silly, really embarrassing.

  2. Chris

    What ? There is no need for a single girl to come to the US on a VISA ? Buy her a plane ticket to Mexico City, hook up with a coyote, and she can just walk in, knock her up, whamo she’s in.

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