Guardian Project Releases Flyers Hero

For the most part, the NHL’s collaboration with Stan Lee of Marvel Comics, in what has been named the “Guardian Project,” has been a disappointing one. An interesting idea with children in mind, the marketing tool for the 2011 All Star Game in Carolina lacks true imagination.

In summary, every couple of days the Guardian Project Facebook page uses fan votes to unlock an illustration of each team’s guardian, done by Marvel. The Flyers have been handed “The Flyer.”

The description reads…

“The punishing warrior of Broad Street. A master of telekinesis and mind control, with a granite chin.”

Kind of corny but not terrible. The Flyer, who looks like Archangel from X-Men, hits you in your mind. I get the connection to the history of the team.

And considering some of the other team’s characters the Flyers made out well. Like Chicago’s wind-powered hero, “The Blackhawk.” Or Pittsburgh’s “The Penguin,” which looks like a cheap rip off of X-Men’s Cyclops and randomly shoots ice missiles from his hands.  How about Buffalo’s “The Sabre,” who wields a questionable water sword.

Ten-year old me wants to like this so bad.


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