Vocal Richards calls out “Cocky” Subban.

“He’s (P.K.Subban) a guy that’s come in the league and hasn’t earned respect. It’s just frustrating to see a young guy like that come in here and so much as think that he’s better than a lot of people. You have to earn respect in this league. It takes a lot. You can’t just come in here as a rookie and play like that. It’s not the way to get respect from other players around the league.”Faceoff.com

After dropping the bitter 3-0 loss to the Montreal Canadiens on Tuesday, Flyers’ captain Mike Richards did not shy away from sharing his thoughts on the talented Canadiens’ rookie defenseman. Subban,21, in the final moments of the lopsided contest, was all over the ice during and after the play, pushing and slashing at the Philadelphia players.

That’s hockey.

But what Richards took exception to, was not that Subban, a rookie, was playing an in-your-face style and trash talking with the game in hand, but that he wouldn’t ‘earn respect’. In other words, Subban wouldn’t drop the gloves and back up his intense demeanor.

“Hopefully someone on their team addresses it, because, I’m not saying I’m going to do it but something might happen to him if he continues to be that cocky,” Richards continued.

As Greg Wyshynski  (Puck Daddy) of Yahoo! Sports pointed out, Richards received five fighting majors in his rookie season, including one against noted fightsman Arron Asham.

This isn’t the first time the Flyers had issues with Subban. During last season’s Eastern Conference Finals, Flyers’ defenseman Chris Pronger seemed to have a running feud with Subban, even taking a hard run at him, but Subban ducked out of the way.

Subban dodged the allegations, but still attempted to defend himself.

“When you’re a first year player in the league, maybe guys don’t expect you to stand up for yourself,” he said. “Today it was more about two teams who are playing well, and they’re ahead of us in the standings. It was a big game for both of us, and I’m just happy we had the two points.”

This isn’t the first time in the young 2010-11 season that Richards called out an opposing player/team. In mid-Oct, Richards essentially labeled the Penguins as divers, saying, “They fall down pretty easy.” He also called out Penguins’ forward Matt Cooke for back down to him. Cooke and Richards fought immediately during the team’s next meeting.

After a tumultuous 2009-10 season, in which Richards was lambasted by the Flyers’ faithful for not being enough of a leader, not being vocal and not being the voice and ‘fortitude’ of his team, this season has been quite different.

The question now becomes: Is the Flyers’ captain doing it right? Or should he hush up and leave it on the ice? So far, the Twitter world is behind Richards.

Asked if the fans like the captain’s new vocal disposition …


bkoob22: Yes. I feel like last year during the season he went games without showing passion or being into it.
Brian_Cleary: Yes sir.
CurtCenci: As long as he keeps backing it up on the ice
Therifle97: Yes, as long as he can back it up.



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