F-Bill Guerin eying try out with Flyers .. maybe

With a number of veteran forwards still dangling precariously in unrestricted free agency, it was guaranteed that many would be invited to try out at training camps around the league.

However, few would have guessed that Bill Guerin would be among them — and that he would seek the Flyers, of all teams, for an audition.

According to CSNPhilly.com, Guerin, who turns 40 in Nov., has been working out in Flyers gear at the team’s practice facility — the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, N.J., — and has openly stated that he wishes to be invited to Philadelphia’s training camp as a try out. And although the Flyers’ forward lines seem to be set, Guerin, who scored 21 goals and 24 assists last season with the Penguins, brings the type of size (6’2, 220 lbs.,) and grit that the Flyers have trouble saying no to.

Also, Philly has been known to extend a hand to veteran players looking to try out in their training camp (Jim Dowd, Mark Bell), even if the roster appears closed. But what makes this potential move so interesting, is that should the Flyers officially extend the invite,  Guerin may have as good a shot as any to make the team.

As it stands, grinder Dan Carcillo is set to play wing next to Mike Richards and Claude Giroux. Carcillo, who scored 12 goals and 10 assists last season, is the weak link of all the scoring wingers on the team. Replace him with someone like Guerin, who can also man the crease on the power play, and the Flyers could display a downright scary and varied attack.

Guerin, a veteran of over 1200 games, made $2 million last season but will likely ask for something around $1 million with added bonuses, similar to what 42-year-old Mark Recchi will earn with the Boston Bruins next year.

UPDATE: According to Craig Custance, Guerin is still hoping to get signed and is not trying out with the Flyers… yet.

“I was just in town,” Guerin said in a text message to Custance.  “Not hoping for a tryout. Just skating.”

Guerin’s agent also denied a try out.

“He simply needed a place to skate,” said Bob Murray, his agent. “We’ve had discussions with a couple of teams.”

This doesn’t mean that Guerin will not try out with the Flyers, just that he is looking to be signed prior to training camp.


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3 responses to “F-Bill Guerin eying try out with Flyers .. maybe

  1. PhillyFever84

    How realistic is this? If it were up to me I would cut Carcillo and sign Guerin in a second. Carcillo doesn’t have that great of offensive skills to begin with and with Shelley now on the team his fighting is not needed. Besides that, we already have Lappy and Hartnell, etc. if we ever need others to step up and fight.

    • It all depends on how Guerin competes in training camp. If he shows chemistry with someone like Mike Richards and Claude Giroux, the Flyers will make room for him. They like gritty veterans with Stanley Cup rings and they need a net presence. However, I don’t see Dan Carcillo out of the equation. If anything, I’d expect someone like Darroll Powe to be sent to the AHL and Carcillo to be the scratch. I can not see the Flyers trading or cutting a young Carcillo to have Guerin play just one season.

  2. steve

    carcillo can be a good player to have if he doesnt do stupid stuff. i wouldnt mind keeping him. guerin has a good hard shot. maybe hes our knuble? but just more shooting orientated. theres really not too many roster spots available? maybe guerin is secretly pissed with the penguins and wants to join the flyers? >=D

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