Gagne denies waiving NTC

In an interview with, Flyers forward Simon Gagne stated in French that he has not waived his no-trade clause.

This goes against recent reports by the Philadelphia media that Gagne had indeed waived his right to restrict a trade and had given the Flyers a list of teams he would accept a trade to.

In a rough (grain of salt) translation of his answer when asked about waiving his NTC, he says …

“I have a no-trade clause, and I have not waived it. It’s certain that, from the Flyers standpoint, they have a salary cap problem, and I’m a player nearing the end of his contract. We’ll see what happens for me over the next few days.”

Although, it should be noted that Gagne said specifically that he has not, not that he will not waive his NTC.

Gagne, 30, is in the final year of a$5.25 million deal, which makes him a prime target to be a cap casualty for the money-strapped Flyers.

UPDATE: Gathering information on the situation, it seems that nothing has changed from before the interview with RDS.  Simon Gagne is “open” to waiving his NTC.  Tim Panaccio stands by his report that Gagne will waive his NTC to go to the L.A. Kings.  However, the Flyers forward is simply in agreement with the organization but has not officially waived his right.

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