“Drowsy” Briere and son in car accident

According to NBC Philadelphia, Flyers forward Danny Briere and son Cameron were in a car accident on Thursday morning in Binghamton, New York.

State police reported that while “a little drowsy,” Briere attempted to pass a tractor-trailer but drifted into the other lane where he side swiped the truck.  Briere’s car then ricocheted off the guardrail deploying the airbags, while the tractor-trailer jackknifed. Briere’s car was totaled.

Briere and son were treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital.  No word yet on the cause of his drowsiness.


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One response to ““Drowsy” Briere and son in car accident

  1. meeks

    from the sounds of it, the land rover took most of the damage. both danny and his son have already been released. could have been ugly. life is short ya’ll.

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