Blackhawks caught with “Pronger is gay” graffiti

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Chicago Blackhawks do not like Chris Pronger.

Two days after the Hawks won the Stanley Cup over Pronger and the Flyers, a picture has surfaced featuring the graffiti “Pronger is gay” on the Chicago locker room white board during the Hawks post-game celebration in game 6.  The classless and childish epithet came a day after a video was released of Chicago’s Adam Burish verbally attacking Pronger in a media interview during on-ice celebrations.

However, this slight on Pronger has taken it one step further.

Homosexuality in the NHL has been a hot-button issue ever since Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke picked up the torch for gay tolerance in the league after his openly gay son, Brendan Burke, 21,  was killed in a car accident in Feb. 2010.

“Yeah, I used those slurs,” Burke admitted to the media in early 2010. “I’m embarrassed by it. It was an accepted part of the culture, and it still is. But not on my teams. It’s a big part of trash talking, and that’s got to change.”

Thanks to@euroflyer for the find.

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One response to “Blackhawks caught with “Pronger is gay” graffiti

  1. Mike Grein

    Any one who has played team sports and is in their early 20’s or was in their early 20’s while doing so knows that this type of thing goes on all the time . Its here and now and real life. With a bunch of young men just goofing around. Its not some corprate or politicaly correct b.s. . Its just young guys and team sports in a locker room . If your hurt or God forbid offended by this tuff. Its the real world deal with it.

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