Despite game 6 pressure and injury, Briere continues to help community

With unimaginable pressure leading into game 6 tonight with his team facing elimination down 3-2 to the Chicago Blackhawks, Flyers forward Danny Briere still manages to keep it all in perspective.

The community-driven veteran acquired valuable game 6 luxury box tickets for a group of children currently receiving cancer treatment at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“I’ve been extremely lucky. I am doing what I love to do, and playing in a series every hockey player dreams of,” Briere told the media. “I wanted to share this moment, not only with my friends and family, but with a few kids that are in a need of a reason to smile.”

Briere, in his third year, has championed The Briere Bunch, a charity group aimed to help children battling cancer.

“Sure, I’m fighting a battle on the ice, but it is nothing compared to the battle these kids are up against,” Briere said. “The least I can do is give them a chance to be in a place where they don’t have to think about their next chemo treatment. Tonight, they are just kids…and more importantly, Flyer fans.”

Suffering from a minor injury concern of his own, Briere received a nasty cut under his right eye in game 5, due to a high stick from Hawks defenseman Duncan Keith, that required stitches and swelled his eye close.  However, the 32-year old says he’s ready to play.

“I’ve had to deal with a lot worse,” Briere said. “I won’t feel it when I play.”

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