Add Boogeyman protection to Pronger’s resume

Chris Pronger’s job is to protect Flyers goalie Michael Leighton from any unsightly ghoul to enter his domain.  Coincidently, he’s doing the same for Leighton’s daughter Elle.

Following her journeyman father from city-to-city, four-year-old Elle became a fan of certain hockey players across the NHL, often naming her stuffed animals after her favorites.  But when it came time to secure Boogeyman protection, Elle didn’t think twice.

“She really loves Chris Pronger,” Leighton’s wife Jennifer said regarding their daughter Elle. “Chris Pronger is her buddy. She has a big poster of him on her door in Philadelphia in the hotel, because she says he’s going to watch over her while she sleeps.”

If the Pronger poster works even half as well as the real Pronger on another manufactured legend, Dustin Byfuglien — consider Elle well guarded.

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One response to “Add Boogeyman protection to Pronger’s resume

  1. meeks

    “another manufactured legend”

    that is art!! nice work ryan!

    i can see the t-shirt now…a nice ol mug shot of dustin with those words under his pic. PERFECT!!

    the boogeyman never hurt anyone…and byfuglien sure ain’t livin up to all the hype.

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