Pronger steals game puck from Blackhawks

Chris Pronger doesn’t want you to be happy.

After losing consecutive one-goal games to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals, Flyers defenseman Pronger was seen picking up the game puck and carrying it back into the locker room.  The same game puck that rookie goaltender Antti Niemi would probably like to have.

“He was picking up the puck. I told him he could keep it,” said Chicago forward Ben Eager, who along with Pronger, received a game misconduct with no time on the clock.

When asked what Eager said to him, Pronger retorted, “I don’t speak whatever language Eager was speaking.

“Apparently, it got him upset. So I guess it worked, didn’t it? It’s too bad. I guess little things amuse little minds.”

But it wasn’t the first time Pronger was seen high-tailing a disc off the ice. According to CBC, Pronger also stole the puck in game 1, specifically to keep it away from the Hawks, and as rumor has it, unceremoniously tossed both in the garbage.

“It’s in the garbage,” Pronger told “Where it belongs.”


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62 responses to “Pronger steals game puck from Blackhawks

  1. chuck

    What an idiot.

  2. Patrick

    What an idiot? I like it. I like that he’s disgusted by losing these two games. If the Hawks want the pucks, have fun dumpster diving! GO FLYERS!

    • Mark

      We can rename them the “Loser’s puck” in which case Pronger is the game’s biggest LOSER!
      One thing he can be sure of not scooping up at the end is the Stanley Cup!

  3. Raezilla

    Sore loser. Guess you are too.. no surprise, pshilly fans usually are.

  4. Anton Mesrobian


    Pronger” “I guess little things amuse little minds.”

    Well said Chris… little things like stealing the game puck. Maybe you can steal the puck while the Blackhawks are skating around with the Cup held over their heads.

    If Pronger is resorting to this childish crap then the Hawks must be getting to him.

  5. mike

    pronger is a cry baby, only a child woiuld take the game puck. and he dyed his hair, girls dye hair not hockey players or any men.
    he is an asshole and will be crying again on Wednesday night after the Hawks beat his ass again, wah wah wah!
    The League better take a good look at suspension for this. He is making the league look bad to the World

    • meeks

      “The League better take a good look at suspension for this. He is making the league look bad to the World”

      LMFAO!!! i so hope you are not serious!

  6. Ryan

    No, he’s an idiot. He can keep the frozen rubber, we’ll take Lord Stanley’s cup. Have fun golfing!

    • meeks

      hey mr intelligent…both the flyers and blackhawks get to go golfing at the same time…win or lose.


  7. Flyers suck

    If the Flyers want the Cup, better luck next year.

  8. Jim

    Hahaha…The wiley old vet is playing mind games. Anything to get in the heads of the opposition.

    • KdNicewanger

      Er, he took the puck in Game 1, and … the Blackhawks won Game 2. So much for getting in their heads. Maybe he can get in yours, though. There seems to be a lot of empty space up there.

      • We will see if it worked or not on Ben Eager, who wanted the puck since he scored the GWG. If he started the game going wild at Chris Pronger, hard to say it didn’t work.

  9. Mike

    Of course you like it. Philly fans are scum who love when their scum players act like scum. Absolutely classless. What a baby.

  10. Mike

    Mike, you say

    “the league better take a good look at suspension for this”

    yeah I’m sure thats on the top of the list under things that warrant suspension, head shots, boarding with intent to injure and taking game pucks… seriously? Its a puck… get over it…

  11. rich

    Its not the keeping of the puck but the shooting of the towel at the hawks player that might get him suspended, that was totally un-sportsman like.

    • meeks

      are you serious??? its a flippin TOWEL!!! i know it used to hurt you when your gymnastics instructor threw his towel at you but PLEASE shut up.

  12. Colin

    What is there to argue about, it’s just a damn puck. The only puck that could be important to Niemi is the series-winning puck if that is to happen for him. Pronger can do whatever he wants, the puck is fair game, he was first to it. Not his fault the Hawks are smart enough to get it. Suspension……again its a stupid puck thats all it is.

  13. hahah i just read this whole thing the must be the bestr thing i have ever read ……… suspensions for taking the puck must be on the top of there mind head shotshit from behinds cheap shots and taking game pucks….. this is so funny pronger wants the puck its a puck throughs it into away who the hell cares.. pronger is good he will act like this to get in there heads he must not suck that bad if he is in the nhl am i right? i hate the flyers because they can beat the caps only reason… but they play hard as hell..they hit score fight thats a great team … but i liek the capitals enough said sure they lost out but hye that team is about 80% people who are under 30 years old idc who wins the cup but shut the hell up about the puck thing

  14. jeff

    some professional athletes tip their caps when they’ve been utterly outplayed and beaten by rookies like niemi, others, like this joke pronger take the puck so that niemi, the best player of the series thus far, cant have it.
    what a joke; he can have the puck, we’ll take the cup

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  16. Matt

    This guy I knew in high school did the same thing with a football after we beat him in the state finals. He threw it in the trash. We cared less. We had this thing called a trophy. His girlfriend left him and he went on to continue being a pathetic bully. I went on to sleep with his ex when she left him for a real man.

    This is all Flyers fans have to think about…Pronger’s douchebag pride. Ha…

    • Apparently, Pronger has been doing this his entire career. It’s just something he does, win or lose. Whether he threw it in the trash or not, that’s up to the individual to decide.

  17. Thunder

    Phfuck a phuck, and phuck Philly

  18. WeinerCircle

    Chicago is full of cry baby losers. Choke on a polish sausage you fat bastards.

    • hawks

      losers is an interesting word to use in describing fans of a team who hasnt lost in 7 games…


      I’m not even a Chicago fan, but that’s just a ridiculous comment right there. Do you not realize the irony of your own statement? You fail, WeinerCircle. Next time, try to come up with an insult that actually makes sense. ROFLMAO!

  19. You guys are cracking me up. Keep it comin.

  20. Geoff

    Wow, Pronger is a dick. I don’t care if he takes the puck, but way to get defensive about it toolbag. At least try to say you threw them away in front of the rest of the team to signify it means nothing or something. We all know the Flyers can play, but the Hawks are better than the Bruins and Flyers too. The Sharks admitted they didn’t play poorly, things just didn’t go their way, typical poor Philly loser. And if Chicago is fat then Philly is morbidly obese with all the greasy cheesesteak stands on every street corner.

  21. DoctorBobExplainsIt

    Let him “steal” the puck. He just wants Niemmi’s autograph (“To Chris, you big Non-Factor. Thanks for participating. Mum and Da must be soooooo proud!”) to drive the price up on E-Bay. Because, when all is said and done, after they’re eliminated, the Flyers will wake up in Philadelphia, a/k/a “Not Quite The New Jersey ‘Burbs Where the Players Choose to Live.”

    Maybe Ben Eager will buy it from him. Or maybe that Leighton guy (“Hey! What went past my glove?”) who wasn’t/isn’t good enough to play for the Blackhawks.

  22. glen

    why are all you loser hawk fans spending all your time on a flyers fan site to begin with?

    • hawks

      i saw this story on SI, cause they too find it comical that a professional athlete would stoop to the level of an 8 year old in little league.
      again, i find the term “losers” very interesting referencing fans of a team who hasnt lost in 7 games.

      • glen

        not sure if u noticed buddy but ur not on the team. i called the fans losers, not the hawks.


      LOL! I think someone (AKA glen) has their knickers in a knot! Do you want some cheese to go with your dry whine, glen? ROFLMAO!!

      • Mike

        what an unnecessary post, it brought absolutely no value to the comment board and has absolutely no redeeming qualities to it, nobody cares that you are rolling on the floor laughing your ass off when it really isn’t that funny to begin with, thank you for nothing…


        Mike, I’m curious to know how Glen’s post added anything to the comment board either. Furthermore, in commenting on my post about how unnecessary it was, by your own criteria, you made a useless contirbution to the comment section as well.

        P.S. Nobody cares what you think either, Mike.

    • hawks

      what then, if not the team’s performance, makes fans losers?
      i take from your reply you acknowledge the hawks as “winners” which would then make your team the flyers the real “losers.”
      -(unless of course this is 8 year old little league like pronger thinks it is, in which case we can all be winners!)

      • hawks

        glen- i take from the lack of a reply that you concede the fact that i am correct and you, the idiot flyers fan, is incorrect.

  23. Jimmy v

    LOL. A little gamesmanship never hurt anyone. The only reason ben eager said anything at all is he scored the game winning goal and he wanted that puck. Just watch, next game the blackhawks are gonna do the exact same sh!t.

  24. Bryce

    I only have one thing to say and it’s for Tyler… If you’re going to post on this blog and defend any points, make sure you edit your post, it’s embarrassing to read. This issue is one for bob mac and pierre mcguire to inform the public on another thing that is irrelevant to the series. Bottom line, Pronger is a hump that’s just embarrassing his teammates (I say that like it’s the first time!!). Just get this series over with Hawks, you’re clearly the better team.

  25. glen

    not gonna lie, i haven’t wasted a second of my time reading any blackhawks message boards, and no sh!t the hawks r a better team, when did pronger taking a puck suddenly mean the flyers are better? and pronger isn’t an idiot for taking the puck because that’s all you guys are talking about, and that’s exactly what he wants, noone is going on and on about their defense, or the power play, or the goalies, all you dumb chicago fans are talking about how our big bully takes your precious game pucks, and if you weren’t so stupid you would have realized that by now.

    • hawks

      it would be one thing if this is all the blackhawk PLAYERS were talking about, but we are just the fans who happened to have noticed what a pathetic tool you have on your team.
      youre telling me that THIS is what pronger wanted all along? Chris Pronger is down 2 games to none in the Stanley Cup Final, and he is checking THIS message board to find satisfaction in his work?
      even if this were “getting into our heads,” how many of us are taking the ice tonight??? chris pronger is game-planning…. for the fans?!?!?!!?

      it doesnt matter what we say or think- all that matters is the players, and if you think this little pronger’s antics is what will turn the series around–enjoy second place

    • Jason

      Glen – – You are an idiot. The only reason it seems that all Hawks fans are talking about is Pronger stealing the puck, is because you are only reading comments to a story about Pronger stealing the game pucks. Go to a Hawks site and you will see that no one gives a sh.t about Pronger. All Hawks fans care about it lifting the Cup on Friday.

      • glen

        you’re clearly the idiot, seriously, you have nothing better to do than go to a flyers site as a hawks fan. but you’d never actually come to philly and run your mouth cuz we all know your pussy is too tight for that.

      • glen

        oh yea, and you guys say this is only cuz it’s under this post, but someone just mentioned how it’s on and it’s on the front page of, so yea i am right.

      • The Internet

        Dear Glen,

        Since you apparently haven’t heard, this is the first site that comes up when people search on Google about Pronger and his antics related to stealing game pucks. Next time, you might want to use that brain of yours before you shoot your mouth off, and just come off looking like a jackass, much like your friend Pronger.

        The Internet

    • hawks

      speaking of idiots, i will remind you that this story is not only on this one and only website. hawks fans dont give a crap about your team (you know, the one thats down 2-0?). i never even knew this crap site existed, we go to other places, ESPN, FoxSports, SI, and so on… dont know if you get those big names in philly

      • That was mean spirited.

      • glen

        then wtf r u doin on here dumbass if you claim you have such better places to be?

      • hawks

        you my friend are a very confused man. i go to real websites, who have stories about various things in the sports world, such as this pronger puck story. i click on the link in (or ESPN or whatever) and in that story (the one on the real website) they provide a link to this webpage for more on it.
        i click on that link for more on it and, thus, arrive at this webpage.

        this is the process in which i wound up here.
        you may want to read this twice to ensure you have comprehended it

      • glen

        sorry buddy, i actually have a life and dont spend all day googling about pronger taking pucks. btw its 2-2.

      • hawks

        ok, i take it back–youre not confused. youre a full blown moron.
        i too do not google “pronger pucks” because that would be a silly random thing to search for; allow me to make this as simple as possible:

        I am a sports fan.
        Because I am a sports fan, i frequent websites such as,,, and others like them.
        I saw this story (which contained a link to this page) on

        If you do not understand this, I would recommend you look into mental health institutions.

      • glen

        i dont think i understand, can u list all of the websites u visit hourly for me? you haven’t gotten your point across yet.

  26. Prongers Wife

    He is an idiot, take it from me. We had to leave Edmonton because he cheated on me with a newsanchor. And now he is stealing pucks. He needs to focus on me, not pucks.

  27. LOL

    So funny I think it is great that grown men behave like this Pronger stirring things up …. and now its like all the blackhawks players scrambling around after the game trying to scoop up the puck before he gets to its like Lord of the Rings’ Precious lol Chicago should just get creative and one up him or can they process a thought like that lol

    • Danny Briere gave Pronger credit for stealing the pucks. He said it took the heat off them after losing game 2. He also said Pronger has been here before and he does things for a reason. Maybe it was childish or maybe it was brilliant.

  28. PWNT

    Pucks as of 6/4/10:

    Game 1: Pronger
    Game 2: Pronger
    Game 3: Giroux

    Flyers – 3
    Hawks – 0

    There some more juicy stats for those slack-jawed hawk fans.

  29. FLYERS

    I’m pretty sure it was Danny Syvret (Flyers defenseman, #26) who took the game puck from game 3… Giroux was too busy getting congrats for his GW goal!! Go Fly Boys!

  30. FLYERS

    Ha.. Whoops.. I know it wasn’t Giroux though

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