Hal Gill does not like the Flyers or their fans

When anyone asks Montreal defenseman Hal Gill about the Flyers, he gives a nice lengthy answer.

The most recent flaming of Philadelphia from the mouth of the 6-foot-7, 250 lbs. blue liner came on Saturday, when he was asked about facing the Flyers –his team’s Eastern Conference Final opponent.

“It’s easy to hate the Flyers,” Gill told TSN “They’ve been the Broad Street Bullies, their fans are loud and obnoxious.

“If you’re from Philly that’s great, if you’re not — you hate them. It’s fun to hate the Flyers, just like it’s fun for them to hate our fans and our team. It should be a good series as far as hate goes.”

Gill’s hate likely stems from his role on the 2007-08 and 2008-09 Pittsburgh Penguin teams, when the rivalry between the two Pennsylvania squads hit its pinnacle.

“It’s a tough place to play,” Gill said of the Wachovia Center. “They’re loud and obnoxious and they’re right in your ear, and their team kind of carries that same standard of being in your face and ugly and mean.”

But this wasn’t the first time Gill had words about Philadelphia.  On May 7 of this year, when discussing the anti and sometimes vulgar Sidney Crosby chants from the Montreal faithful during the Eastern Conference semifinals series between the Habs and the Pens, Gill called out Flyers fans.

“They’re different people down there,” Gill said of Flyers fans. “They might take it a little over the edge. But there’s always a few people that take it too far.”

The Flyers will see a lot of Gill on Sunday, when they and the Canadiens collide in game 1 at the Wachovia Center.


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2 responses to “Hal Gill does not like the Flyers or their fans

  1. Well, Philadelphia is a tough city for it’s opponents. It is indeed loud there

  2. Drew Franklin

    You’d think he’d be more concerned about the game, than the fans. Guess he’ll be hearing the fans in Philly tonight…

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