Boston media accuses Richards of threat. Savard denies.

According to Joe Haggerty of, Flyers captain Mike Richards made an injury threat to Boston’s Marc Savard in the second period of Monday’s 3-2 Boston win over the Flyers.

“You were out for six weeks?” Richards allegedly asked Savard following the Bruin forward’s reported biting incident with Philadelphia’s Dan Carcillo in the second period of game 2. “We’ll put you out for another six weeks.”

Haggerty wouldn’t reveal the source of his information but  Savard denied emphatically that any threat was made.

“No, he never said that to me,” Savard told on Tuesday. “I don’t know where that came from.”

Savard missed nearly two months when he suffered a severe concussion due to a cheap head shot from Pittsburgh’s Matt Cooke.  Cooke’s hit was late and deemed an offense, but still drew comparisons to Richards’ clean but brutal hit on David Booth early in the season.  Richards was not suspended.

Boston leads the Eastern Conference Semifinal series, 2-0.  Game 3 takes place on Wednesday at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.


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3 responses to “Boston media accuses Richards of threat. Savard denies.

  1. Jon

    Riiiigggghhhttt. Savard probably just made it up because he was accused of biting Carcillo. He needs to get KO’d again.

  2. Joe

    The Boston Media just said that because they were afraid that Savard would be looked at as bad for biting Carcillo. They tried covering it up by making up something and accusing the Captain of Philadelphia. Stop trying to sugar coat the fact that Savard is just like the rest of the NHL..punk

  3. Drew Franklin

    Aight… let’s win some hockey games, please?

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