Avery mocks Talbot swings

It wasn’t long ago that Pittsburgh Penguins’ forward Max Talbot, was on the giving end of a hockey-viral youtube.com video, putting his finger to his lips and shushing a ravenous Philly crowd just seconds after taking a beating from Flyers’ forward Daniel Carcillo in the 2008-09 post season.

There were even pretty funny shirts made.

But on Thursday night, after the Penguins downed the New York Rangers, 5-4, in overtime at MSG, the loss wasn’t the main topic immediately afterward, it was Sean Avery’s mimicking of Talbot’s feminine panic swings that had New York fans chuckling.

Midway through the third period, Avery and Talbot came together after a whistle.  As the two began jousting with their gloves on, Talbot threw an overhand slap that completely missed its intended target.  Seeing this, Avery loses it and instantly starts taunting the Penguin with mock swings.


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5 responses to “Avery mocks Talbot swings

  1. Of course the two points would have been nice but seeing Avery mock Talbot was one of the funniest things I’ve ever see while watching a hockey game. At first I wasn’t sure what Avery was doing but then they replayed Talbot trying to slap like a little girl and I was literally cracking up.

    To anyone that didn’t find it funny, you seriously need to get yourself a sense of humor.

  2. I’m waiting for the t-shirt.

  3. The first time I saw this… I actually went back and re-watched it like 5 times……. And then proceeded to show it to every single person that I could.

  4. Louise

    Yeah, it was funny but more because of Avery’s reaction. They guy is a total douchebag. Ain’t nothing wrong with trying to hit like a girl, imo.

  5. Tyso

    HIIIIIIIII-larious. The fact that Avery is a giant vagina and won’t fight, that is. He’s a pretty tough guy with a linesman in the way.

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