Gagne ‘no goal’ a result of Pittsburgh fraud?

NHL executive John Dellapina told the the Philadelphia Inquirer on Saturday, that the reason why Simon Gagne’s controversial second period goal against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Thursday didn’t count, was that the replay room in Toronto was not sent the correct replays from FSN Pittsburgh.

“… An NHL executive said last night that replay officials in Toronto were not given the proper replays by Fox Sports in Pittsburgh on Thursday, when they ruled that Simon Gagne’s goal did not count against the host Penguins … ”

Because the video sent to Toronto showed inconclusive evidence, there was nothing the league could do to overturn the no goal call.  One angle however, clearly showed the puck across the goal line.  That video clip was shown in Philadelphia and in the press box, which started the controversy.

“… A few minutes after the ruling, another replay was shown in the press box, showing the puck past the goal line.

Fox did not send that replay to Toronto officials until after the puck was dropped following the ruling.

“At that point, the ruling was permanent,” said John Dellapina, an NHL executive …”

Like the Flyers-Penguins rivalry  needed stoking.

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