Roenick: Flyers’ problems are internal

In a running segment on for Off the Record, former Flyer and all-time hockey great Jeremy Roenick, gives his two-cents about news from around the NHL.  When hitting on the issue of his former club, Roenick gave a very interesting take.

“There’s somebody bad in that locker room,” he said. “Somebody is tainting something in that locker room, whether it’s the leadership, or somebody who is leading them the wrong way, or somebody who is doing something and other people are following off the ice. They need to straighten that stuff up inside the locker room.”

After going 6-1 to start November, the Flyers’ play suddenly dropped off.  The team lost eight of nine before achieving a 6-2 win against the Islanders on Tuesday, coincidently, the only other team the Flyers defeated since Nov. 20.

“What’s going on with this team,?” he asked.  “They’re my Flyers. I’m passionate about my Flyers, and I loved watching them for the last three months while I’ve been retired.  They were killing teams in the beginning, and now they’re getting killed. What’s going on?”

Many believed that coach John Stevens, who was replaced by Peter Laviolette last Friday, was not completely at fault for the lack of effort from his team.  Roenick agreed.

“I think it’s a bad thing to blame the coach,” he said “I think Peter Laviolette is a great coach, I think John Stevens did a great job. But now, it’s in the locker room somewhere. They had better straighten that out, because they can still turn their season around. Something is up, because a team doesn’t just flip like that with the players that they have on that team without something going wrong internally.”

Right or wrong, Roenick never lacks an interesting opinion.

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One response to “Roenick: Flyers’ problems are internal

  1. Joseph Pavlick

    He is right there is a problem in the locker room and its Emery and his gang. Richards is no longer a passionate leader and his play is in the toilet. it all happened when Emery came to town now all of a sudden he is the college site guy who is out clubbing instead of playing Hockey sounds just like the new guy we brought in Emery. The goalie that we just picked up is out of the NHL for a reason he is done. Also why not bring back good old JR he is the type of player we need someone who is not afraid to hurt anyones little feelings.

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