Carcillo KO’s Matt Bradley

In the first period of a 1-1 deadlock between the Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers, Flyers’ forward Dan Carcillo took exception to a high stick from gritty Capitals’ forward Matt Bradley.  Carcillo cross checked Bradley, then both squared off to fight.  But before Bradley’s gloves hit the ice, Carcillo got the jump and knocked out Bradley with a hard right cross that sent the Flyers’ home crowd into a frenzy for the first time in over two weeks.

Carcillo received 2-minutes for instigator, 2-minutes for cross checking, 5-minutes for fighting, 10-minute misconduct and game misconduct.  The penalties gave Washington a never-before-seen 9-minute power play, in which the Caps scored three times.  Matt Bradley did not return to the game.

Any game misconduct is reviewed by the league office and deserving or not, Carcillo will likely be suspended.  However, the referees, once again, rule by result, not intent.  Bradley squared off and was in the process of dropping his gloves, simply getting beat to the draw.  If Bradley eats the first punch and fights back, this becomes just another hockey fight.  Say what you want about Carcillo and his lack of composure, but he has a history of being an honorable fighter.


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3 responses to “Carcillo KO’s Matt Bradley

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  2. Wrong

    Difference was that Carcillo never gave Bradley a chance to get his gloves off completely. Carcillo sucker punched him before his gloves even hit the ice.

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