Betts signs with Flyers as try out

As I first reported on my Twitter (@philabright), the Flyers have signed forward Blair Betts to a  training camp try out beginning on Sept. 13.  At 6’3, 210 lbs., Betts is a top-notch defensive forward and penalty killer.  Averaging about 50% on faceoffs in the last three seasons with the Rangers, the 29-year old would top the Flyers in that statistic.

If Betts does make Flyers’ roster as a third-line center, it could push forward Claude Giroux to the first or second line.  That would make a big difference in whether the team continues a search for a UFA winger.


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8 responses to “Betts signs with Flyers as try out

  1. Meeks

    I’d be curious to know what your thoughts are on the depth chart at this point.

    We seem to have a glut of 3rd and 4th line guys to create numerous possible combos.

    • It’s almost impossible to tell right now. They planned for Giroux at center, but are giving Betts a chance at that spot. A lot depends on if Mark Bell makes the team. If I were to guess, I’d say the Flyers are planning for two scoring lines and two shut-down lines.

      Gagne – Richards – Briere
      Hartnell – Carter – Giroux
      Carcillo – Betts – Laperriere
      Cote – Powe – Asham

      But they could use Betts as a fourth-line guy and you might see this

      Gagne – Richards – Carcillo
      Hartnell – Carter – Laperriere
      Powe – Giroux – Briere
      Cote – Betts – Asham

      However, if Mark Bell makes the team, someone has to hit the bricks.

      • Meeks

        i would prefer your second guess knowing that the power play lines would be the top two lines from your first guess.

        and for all the talk about how much scoring we lost (knuble and lupul), our team defense is going to be unreal this year (laperriere, betts, and pronger).

        i think the argument can be made that our offense will be fine with briere and giroux playing healthy full seasons, but even on the off chance they don’t equal the production of knuble and lupul, we won’t be allowing as many goals…so we’re still better off.

        i’m very excited. this team (on-paper) looks like the best team i’ve seen in philly in a long time. lets get flyered up!

  2. Tom Dougherty

    I think this is a good signing because he can help the Flyers in the faceoff circle, and help kill penalties which will allow Richie, Carter and Gagne more ice time at even strength and power play.

  3. Meeks

    This link says that we also offered a tryout to Adrian Foster.

    It looks like Homer is just stockpiling former first round picks (Lukas Kaspar, Krys Kolanos, Jason Ward, Mark Bell, and Adrian Foster — Blair Betts was a 2nd rounder) and hoping that 1 or 2 of them get it together and live up to their potential.

    • I wouldn’t put too much stock in Adrian Foster. He is a former first-rounder, but is incredibly injury prone and in six pro years hasn’t played one NHL game. His season high games played is 51 in 2004-05 and he only scored 17 points. Holmgren loves these low risk, high reward long shots, but this guy is a particular long shot.

      A try-out player to keep an eye on is Tomas Sinisalo. The son of former Flyer Ilkka Sinisalo, Tomas wore his dad’s #23 in camp and was noticeably one of the better skaters in rookie camp. He moves very fluidly and has a good shot. He’s a bit small though.

  4. Dave

    I think they are trying to get tougher and cheap at the same time. If Betts, Ward, or Bell are good enoguh to make the team it definately helps. I would like to think one of them could help the team more than Cote and provide enough sandpaper along with Carcillo

    • Meeks

      Seriously. A fourth line of Ward, Betts and Bell would be alright with me! I’m not saying its gonna happen but with all these “potential” guys battling it out, I think Homer is really creating great depth behind the top tier talent.

      Last season, Richards and Carter were beat down come playoff time because they were always called on in every situation. By getting other depth guys to do the “dirty work”, our centerpieces will be able to do what they do more effectively.

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