Novotny and Flyers can’t find deal

Former Buffalo first-round pick Jiri Novotny, considered Philadelphia his last shot at staying in the NHL.  But the deal wasn’t to be.

According to Swiss league magazine Slapshot, Novotny has failed to come to terms with the Flyers and has secured a verbal deal with Swiss team Geneva-Servette.  However, something may come in the way of Novotny and the Swiss league, which could land the player in the KHL.

The 26-year-old Novotny still keeps the option open to Russia in the KHL. A collaboration with the Philadelphia Flyers failed.”

Flyers’ coach John Stevens made it clear on Monday, that he plans for Claude Giroux to remain at center.  A decision that could have been solidified by the failure to come to terms with Novotny.

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