Giroux to start season at center

The Flyers’ roster became a little more settled on Tuesday, when coach John Stevens announced Claude Giroux will begin the season at center and Danny Briere at right wing.

In a Q&A piece from The Courier Post,  Stevens made it clear where he thinks Giroux fits on the Flyers this season.

“I like Giroux in the middle and I think Danny can be very effective on the wing,” said Stevens in the interview with Chuck Gormley. “Danny can play either side and he likes to play the off wing. We loved Giroux at center ice and that’s where he’ll start camp. I met with Danny and told him we’d like to see him start on the wing. He puts a lot of time into mentally and physically preparing and it’s important all of your players know their roles. Danny will clearly be involved in the offense and on the power play. He is fully committed to staying healthy this season and by watching him, his quickness is back to where it was before the groin injuries.”

Giroux surprised many last season with his confident offensive game.  But what impressed the Flyers’ brass the most, was his mature two-way game.

With the departure of Joffrey Lupul and Mike Knuble, the Flyers had the opportunity to stack the top-two lines, with both Giroux and Briere playing wing to the Richards and Carter lines.  But with Giroux set at center, it appears as if the team will roll out three even-powered lines, rather than two heavily offensive combinations.

The announcement stays consistent with Philabright’s predicted line combinations for 2009-10, written back in July.


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2 responses to “Giroux to start season at center

  1. Bob

    Since your lines seem to indicate a need for an UFA to be signed, what UFA’s remain for $1 million or less? Comrie? If Comrie signs, move Giroux back to wing? However Comrie has been inconsistent and injury prone. Tanguay? Not likely for less than $1 million. Does he fill the need for front of the net presence? Who do you think is available to fulfill your line with Hartnell and Carter?

    • The Flyers have $2.2 million in cap space. They want to spend $1.2 or less, which is why Bertuzzi, who received $1.5, wasn’t signed.

      Right now, I believe the Flyers are going to show patience and prepare to begin training camp with Andreas Nodl as the spare winger, but will keep their eyes open for anyone ready to sign a one-year deal for the right price. And there is always the possibility that Jones or Carle gets moved, giving the Flyers close to $5 million in space. That changes up the ball game quite a bit.

      The Flyers have a deep offensive team without a UFA winger, which gives them some buying power. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them trade Jones for picks and save the money for a rainy day near the deadline to grab someone like Milan Hejduk.

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