Esche shows acting skills in KHL commercial

Former Flyer Robert Esche may be an NHL outcast, but in Russia, he’s a TV star.  Thanks to Kevin Allen from USA Today for the find, Esche is featured in one of four KHL TV commercials, in which it appears he’s in a supermarket stopping food with extremely awkward poses.  The video of the commercial has not yet been released.

In a poorly translated quote, Esche explains his rookie acting performance.

“Frankly speaking, I am very tired!” Esche said. “But at the same time I feel enthusiastic. It was very interesting and funny. I am not an actor. Did not have the slightest notion of what to do on the set. But I worked with real professionals and they explained me in details what to do in front of the camera. Now I understand what the profession of an actor is. Even shooting in ads needs outstanding talent and tremendous work. I think I do not have any future as an actor. Previously I had one shot for the NHL playing for Philadelphia, not in the funny videos that are very popular in America, but for charity purposes.”

Esche was then asked if the long hours of acting in a commercial, were similar to playing in an overtime game.

‘When I played for Flyers we played two periods against Toronto,” he said. “And when I was younger I spent almost three full extra periods on ice.  For me, it is easier to play hockey for the whole night than to spend all night at the shooting.”

Esche is in his second year with SKA St. Petersburg, where he has proved to be one of the better backstops in the league.  The 31-year old is working to get back into the NHL next season, but this all this publicity and supermarket fame, maybe he should stay.


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6 responses to “Esche shows acting skills in KHL commercial

  1. Only problem is there’s no such thing as super markets in Russia.

    Count it!

  2. FGSB

    I would have said something clever like a baby auction sponsored by, it appears, gatorade. But then Peter had to come in here an ruin it with all his “truths.”

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