Pronger arrives early for camp

Other than  being one of the top defenseman in the league, Chris Pronger was brought in by the Flyers to be an active leader and influence for the young core.  And with a month still remaining before training camp on Sept. 13,  the veteran defender’s job as a role model has already been put in motion.

“I’m usually here around this time trying to start skating and preparing for the season, and doing all the little things that it takes to be ready to go for the start of camp,” Pronger told the Flyers’ Kevin Kurz, about showing up to camp a month early.

At 6’6, 214 lbs., Pronger, in his 16th season in the NHL, doesn’t always enjoy showing up this early for camp workouts.  But he knows that’s what it takes to be a winner.

“Every year it’s always the same. You get to August, and wish that you could fast forward this month and get right to camp,” he said. “It starts to get a little old, when you go on three months of training and you get a little sick of riding the bike and doing all the other things you’ve got to do to prepare. You want to get on the ice and get skating with your teammates and do what you love to do.”

Teammates Riley Cote and Jeff Carter both accompanied Pronger to UFC 101, held at the Wachovia Center last Saturday. There, the bruising blue liner got a taste of what a blood-thirsty Philly crowd is like.

“It seemed like a pretty raucous atmosphere,” he said.

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