Las Vegas Sun: Emery makes it rain at Bellagio

It’s too bad Joffrey Lupul couldn’t stick around long enough to party with Ray Emery, because it seems like he could have learned a thing or two.

According to Friday’s celebrity sighting piece in the Las Vegas Sun,  the Flyers’ newly acquired goaltender could be seen back in May, “making it rain” with a stack of $1000 single bills.

Via the LV Sun…

“NHL goalie Ray Emery didn’t let the downed economy or his once-faltering career stop him from making it rain, either, when he visited the Bellagio in May. The goaltender laid down $1,000 for the stunt, despite the fact that he doesn’t cash the same sort of paychecks he once did, and unleashed a blitz of dollar bills upon clubgoers at The Bank.

Emery was once the bad boy of the Ottawa Senators but his nonstop off-ice antics saw him virtually blacklisted from the league. He did a stint in Russia but has since signed on with the Flyers — and still does it up right when he comes to Vegas.”

The write up explains the fad of tossing ones in the air in the form of green parcipitation, and how celebrities from Quintin Rampage Jackson to Criss Angel have pulled the stunt.

To Emery’s credit and the relief of Flyers’ fans everywhere, the notorious partier had not yet been inked by an NHL team.  Emery signed the official contract with the Flyers on June 10.

However a player wants to spend his free time is obviously and personally up to them.  But walking an ultra thin line, if Razor wants to keep his job as an NHL goalie, he may want to keep his GW’s in his wallet.

At least until he wins a Stanley Cup.

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One response to “Las Vegas Sun: Emery makes it rain at Bellagio

  1. If it were the NFL-style Rain in a strip club it would be a concern.

    Anyone expecting Emery to sit at home and read Russian literature is expecting a lot.

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