Talbot “shhh” shirt re-opening Flyers’ wounds

talbshirtA Penguins blog called Superstar Treatment, has creatively released a Maxime Talbot “Shhh” tee-shirt, immortalizing one of the more confusing and debated events in recent Flyers – Penguins history.

The description on the site reads , “Relive what was probably one of the best moments, and certainly one of the most unique, in Pens playoff history and show your support!”

But the only thing unique about what took place that day, is how both sides view it.

Down 3-0 in game six of the opening round series against the Flyers, softish Penguins’ forward Maxime Talbot, picked a fight with the Flyers’ Daniel Carcillo, in an attempt to try and stir up his team’s emotions.  Carcillo, rightfully so, knocked Talbot around, decisively winning the bout and sending the home orange crowd into a blood-thirsty frenzy.

On the way to the penalty box, Talbot put his finger to his lips and inexplicably shushed a crowd roaring over the beating he just took.  

The moment, marred by the feminine screeching of Eddie Olczyk,  would become legendary to Penguins’ fans, who witnessed their team come back to win the contest 5-3, and for the second year in a row, end the Flyers’ season.

Pens’ supporters believe it was the “shushing point,” that so vigorously brought their team back to life, while Flyers’ fans believe that beating up an opposing player in front of a ferocious home crowd, has little to do with momentum.

It’s felt that the game-six meltdown was mostly due to defensive miss-cues and goalie Marty Biron’s  poor rebound control.

Remember, less than a minute after the fight, it was Biron’s cartoon-esque leap on a loose rebound, not an overdose of Yinzer momentum, that led to the Penguins’ first goal and ultimately changed the game. Follow that up with two poorly played  rebounds, that were conveniently smacked out of the air for goals, to tie the game.

So in reality, the only thing Talbot really shushed, was Biron’s future in Philadelphia.



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34 responses to “Talbot “shhh” shirt re-opening Flyers’ wounds

  1. Terry

    Isnt that copyright infringement? A website selling Flyers merchandise, the5hole.com was shut down for similar reasons. Maybe I should drop the nhl an email……

    • At worst, they would make him pull it off his site. I don’t mind it at all, the league needs more bad blood like this.

    • Robert

      another whining sissy asshole flyer fan!

    • Jim

      Terry, SSSHHHHHH about it, already!!! Like it matters. I love it. You should come to Pittsburgh sometime and see the many custom jerseys with SSSHHHHH bearing #25. You can shut down one web site, if you like, but you won’t stop us Yinzers from rubbing your nose in it. SSSHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sharky

    Flyers fans continue to be delusional………

  3. 1975 was a lont time ago

    Drop the NHL an email? Hahahaha, are you serious Clark? Please do that just so I can watch how fast it isn’t taken down. That is hi-larious though, great shirt “SuperStar”.

  4. Jeff

    Gotta love blaming the goalie and defensive let downs…… you should tell the front office to stop acquiring goons for defense and get an actual NHL caliber goaltender. Flyers fan’s love to make there excuses….. the only real excuse you should be making is for making all hockey fans have to watch your team play in those ugly orange jersey’s

  5. Brian

    It’s also pretty well known that when you get the Flyers excited and playing on emotion, they take stupid penalties and lose games. Carcillo shouldn’t be fighting while up 3-0.

    Just sayin’.

  6. 1975 was a long time ago

    Yes, up 3-0 you laugh off a guy trying to fight you….excellent point

  7. DW

    Love the dig at Talbot, calling him softish. Doesn’t that make it all the more impressive that he was willing to take a few punches to the kisser to try and fire his team up? If only he had showed up in that Pens/Red Wings series…

    • It wasn’t a dig. If Danny Briere is soft, Talbot is softish.

      • Ivan

        Briere and Talbot are 2 very different players. Talbot is a role player who actually fights from time to time and he gets dirty. He is not a big guy but he’s got a big heart. You know what they say, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

        I don’t know how you’re comparing them in the first place. Talbot may not be a great player but he has proven that every now and then he can do anything – just ask Chris Osgood.

  8. adam

    Carcillo fighting was a dumb move, however, he cannot be blamed for the team dropping the ball on a 3-0 lead. Its the collective fault of the team that they lost.

  9. Steve

    Ryan, nice blog…..big Pens fan, but enjoy your work………should be another great year of Pens-Flyers battles…….I not only have Fartsmell to mess but gotta come up with something for Pronger. I am not sure if the fight turned the tide or not, but the timing makes it tough to refute…….though not offended by the Talbot “softish” comment, gotta disagree…..he is a lunch pail guy, and will fight, though not well a few times a year…….Sykora, Satan, Gonchar, soft……..Talbot, gotta love his heart! good luck to you this year!

    • Thank you Steve, and please keep coming back during the season. Would love a reasonable Pittsburgh view point.

      I just have trouble believing Carcillo winning a fight is the reason Crosby and I think Staal, were able to smack Marty Biron rebounds out of the air and in. If anything, Malkin’s goal is what swung the momentum. And I saw that as more of a defensive and goaltending breakdown, rather than backwash from the fight.

      • Steve


        Ia am inclined to agree with you about the turning point…..my only argument is just not to make that seem as if the win was not earned….I travel to Philly frequently and have a lot friends there……and they argue that the goaltending was the reason the flyers lost as if that somehow cheapens the Pens win……….my only point is that regardless of whether a defensive lapse or many, or weak goaltending, those things are part of the game, and breakdowns in any area can lead to losing a series…………..I would love to come around during the season, as I do have a lot of friends in Philly and respect the love of sports I see when I am there. I am fascinated by the way smart people can see the same event and percieve it SO differently based on their rooting interests! I see that so much in our rivelry and generally enjoy good natured ball busting about it……..great site.

      • MLo

        Penguins fan here. I too am inclined to think that the Fedotenko-Malkin goal was the turning point, and I’m irritated that the fight is getting the credit. And I agree with you that the goal wasn’t backwash from the fight either. I also agree that defensive and goaltending troubles contributed, but I see the sequence more like this: F-
        M goal (well-earned, I would argue) puts the Flyers off their game, and the Pens’ quick follow-up goal turns what might have been a brief lapse into a breakdown.

        I’m not offended by the “softish” comment–it’s a relative term, and one that could arguably be applied to a lot of players: a number of defensemen who aren’t enforcers (aka a thugs) and a big pool of forwards whose style doesn’t involve doling out hits like AO (but how many players can be AO? Answer: 1).

        I argue only with your characterizing Talbot’s shushing as “inexplicable.” It was a joke–a mock inversion of Flyers’ players waving their arms to get the crowd worked up. Flyers: “Make more noise, people!” Talbot: “No, don’t make more noise, make less!”

        Talbot didn’t expect anyone to quiet down: it was just a way of showing both teams that while he’d lost the fight, he wasn’t mentally beaten and demoralized. While I don’t think the shush shifted the momentum, I will give it the credit of helping the Pens stay in the game mentally after the fight was lost.

  10. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    lets go pens

    get over it


    oh hell yes.

  11. anon

    the flyers fans butthurt is palpable.

    pens > flyers


  12. Ivan

    Hahahaha… Why would you post this on a Flyers blog? Talbot shooshing the 20,000 orange clad retards in Philly is classic.

    We can debate all day long whether the fight had anything to do with momentum. What you are failing to see is that the fight probably reenergized the Pens, at least for the shift right after that.

    And indeed, the Penguins scored on that next shift! Malkin came out flying and made things happen. He didn’t score, but Fedotenko did as he slid a loose puck under Biron’s pad.

    As they say, the rest is history. Blame it on Biron all you want – Biron AND the Flyers were shook after that. When Mark Eaton, a stay at home defenseman can jump up into the play and bat in a loose rebound, you can’t blame just the goalie. Your whole team fell asleep and the Pens were just too much.

  13. Ivan

    Oh and if I may add, most Flyers fans will tell ya that Carcillo made a huge mistake. When you say that Carcillo “rightfully so” knocked Talbot around, well, I don’t know what you’re thinking. You don’t drop the gloves when your team is up 3-0 in the 2nd period of a must-win game in the playoffs.

  14. dave

    (I realize I’m a little late with this comment)

    I see your point, but I’ve got to counter by saying that each and every penguin player (and coach) has acknowledged Talbot’s fight as giving them a second wind. Obviously Fedotenko’s goal (he actually poked it under Biron’s pad; check the box score) started the run, but it’s hard to argue with what came out of the players mouths. Maybe they’re saying for PR reasons, but that seems like a stretch.

    Anyway, looking forward to the next Pens/Flyers game, they’re all circled on my calendar!

  15. If you watched the Stanley Cup Championship DVD you’d see that Talbot and Carcillo actually agreed to fight each other. They played together up in WB/S. Talbot didn’t pick a fight with him. Actually, further reports actually stated that Carcillo’s on teammates wanted him to start something. I guess they got a little cocky up 3-0.

    Well, we all know how that turned out.

    As for the person who said that the league would make him take it down. No chance. There are no infringements of copyrights.

  16. Go Pens

    Dont you feel sorry for Cryers fans? They have nothing to look forward to but losing in the playoffs! Who you gonna blame when you lose again? Hey Philabright YOUR A DOUCHE!!!

  17. Pens Rule

    Wow you damn Cryers fans sure are bitter. Philly will never win another cup.

  18. Go Pens

    Read your tweet on the game,quit crying and making excuses for your loser team! You are just in loser denial much like the rest of the your flyer nation! If your team played a clean game and played like men I could respect them,but since they dont I will hate them till death!! LETS GO PENS

  19. Donna

    couldnt have said it better myself. what a bunch of pathetic losers

  20. ...?

    why are pen fans on a Philly website… really nothing better to do with your time then to hijack a thread about how you shit the bed 4 years in a row then got crosby malkin staal and fluery?

  21. Donna

    you mean like the way your fans have nothing better to do when their team is playing than sit there and chant “Crosby sucks” the entire game?

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