Holmgren addresses media

After trading away a roster player, the team’s top defensive prospect and two first-round draft picks, General Manager Paul Holmgren had some questions to answer about why he would mortgage the future for an aging defenseman.  And his answer?  It’s about winning now.

“It’s a lot to give up,” Holmgren said honestly. “Ask me a couple years from now if it’s worth it. Lupul and Sbisa are good players but we’re trying to win now and Chris is the guy that can get closer to achieving our goal.”

The fact that Pronger has two Stanley Cup rings, is a big reason Holmgren paid the high price.

“Chris bring a lot of things to any team he is on,” Homer said.  “He’s a proven winner first and secondly he brings the size and can pass the puck as well as anyone. He brings a fine physical presence. He’s an ideal fit on our team and he’ll make all the defenseman on our team better around him.”

When asked how they could fit Pronger’s $6.25 million salary under the cap, Holmgren claimed the team was under.

“We have space,” He said.  “Once we get through the draft and get back home, we’ll sit down and look where we’re at. We still have a young nucleus and a team that can be a good team for a long time. We’ll address our issues when we get back home.”

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