Flyers let goalie coach Lemelin walk

For 15 years, the Flyers have had a constant influx of mediocre goaltending.  Some players came in with potential and some were just plain average to begin with.  But no matter who was brought in for backstop duties, two things were always in common —  The goalies never improved and Reggie Lemelin was the goalie coach.  Until Thursday.

On Thursday morning, the Flyers officially announced that Lemelin’s contract has not been renewed and he would be replaced with former Tampa Bay Lightning goalie coach, Jeff Reese.  Lemelin was with the Flyers for 15 years.

“I felt we needed a change, that’s all,” said General Manager Paul Holmgren, during a conference call on Thursday. “It had nothing to do with Ray Emery.  Reggie was a good soldier and I just felt we needed a change there.”

Flyers’ fans rejoiced at the news, since many pointed a finger at Lemelin for the chronic goalie issues the team suffered.  For not only were the players not great that the Flyers acquired, but they seemed to get worse the longer they were with the team.

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