Briere to LA for draft pick? Not so fast.

On Monday, the oft erroneous rumor monger, “Eklund,” reported that the Flyers were trying to work a deal with the Los Angeles Kings, that would send forward Danny Briere and the Flyers’ 21st overall selection in the 2009 NHL entry draft to the Kings, in exchange for the 5th overall pick.  And while Philadelphia buzzed with the prospect, many people still pondered LA’s logic in taking on $6.5 million a year worth of damaged goods in place of a key cog of the future.  But one media source put to sleep the mangy rumor.

The Montreal Gazette called bravo sierra on the paper thin rumored deal, stating “The folks in Philly have talked to the Canadiens and the Los Angeles Kings, but neither team was interested (in Briere). There also is a report that they have talked to the Phoenix Coyotes..”

This statement proves the Flyers do not have a master plan involving Briere, heading into the June 26-27 draft.  They just want to dump his salary.  With the uprising of Claude Giroux and his steady two-way play, Briere’s services as the goal-line feeder on the power play, as well as one-dimensional even strength ability is not needed.

There is likely to be more rumors involving Briere as the draft inches closer, simply because the Flyers who will talk to whomever will listen.

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