Former Flyer Upshall suspended for hit

While Team Canada dominated the Hungarians, 9-0, in the World Hockey Championships on Sunday, former Flyers’ forward Scottie Upshall didn’t just coast through the game.  Early in the second period, the small speedster caught Andras Benk with his head down, breaking the Hungarian’s collarbone and knocking him out with a suspected concussion.   Benk was carrying the puck across the blue line with his head down, when Upshall snuck him with the open ice hit.  The hit that would have been deemed legal in the NHL, is punishable in international play.  Play continued, while Benk lay lifeless on the ice.

Upshall was given a game misconduct and match penalty, which according to IIHF rules, automatically means a one-game suspension in international play.

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