Getting to know: Seabiscuit?

Mark Malinowski of The Hockey News does a weekly feature in which he interviews a hockey personality, asking him personal and off-ice questions.  This week it was Flyers’ defenseman Braydon Coburn’s turn.

Among the many questions answered by Braydon, other then having the nicknames Marmaduke and Seabiscuit, one of the strangest was about his funniest hockey moment.  It involved a random coach being sliced open and needing stitches. What a sicko.

“I think it was my first game in the AHL. We were in San Antonio playing the Rampage and Travis Roche – something happened on the ice – he came back to the bench. He ended up throwing his stick on the bench and it ended up ricocheting off the glass and hitting (assistant coach) Marty Howe right in the head and cutting him wide open with stitches. He was bleeding all over the place. It was pretty funny. I was playing for Chicago Wolves at the time. That was pretty comical. Like, welcome to this league, you know?”

He also drives a black Audi s5 and loves the Flyers’ new orange jerseys.  Kid’s got taste.

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