“HA HA HA” Boston’s Edwards stuns viewers with laugh after boarding

During the second period of the Flyers –  Bruins match up on Sunday, Bruins’ forward Milan Lucic threw himself  into the turned body of defenseman Randy Jones.  The borderline play could have been cited for boarding, but wasn’t, sending the Flyers’ home crowd into a groaning frenzy.  That’s when Bruins’ play-by-play man Jack Edwards struck.

“Lucic hammers him! And down goes Jones,” Edwards screamed into the mic.  “And how’s this for irony, the crowd wants a call for a hit from behind! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.”

The reference was due to an incident last season, when petite Bruin Patrice Bergeron, turned his back to a charging Jones, who put him face first into the boards, ending Bergeron’s season with a severe concussion.  Jones, who is not known for dirty (or physical) play, was suspended and was apologetic.  But apparently Edwards doesn’t forgive and forget.

The evil laugh and unprofessional nature  shocked out of town Philadelphia fans, who watched the telecast from Yahoo Sports, which streamed the Boston feed.

“That was the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever heard in a sports broadcast,” said one Philly fan located in Boston, on the message board Flyersphans.com.

But Edwards still wasn’t finished.  What the youtube.com video doesn’t show is Edwards yelling “Cry me a river!” after a replay of the hit.

Edwards  reputation proceeds him as an enormous homer.  And despite whether you are for or against the Bruins or Flyers, it’s hard to disagree.

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One response to ““HA HA HA” Boston’s Edwards stuns viewers with laugh after boarding

  1. Johnadamssucks

    all you flyer fans can go *uck yourselves

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