Perry calls kettle dirty in war of words

Two months after Anaheim Ducks’ forward Corey Perry was suspended four games for blatantly elbowing Flyers’ rookie Claude Giroux in the head, the notoriously dirty right wing got a taste of his own devices in his team’s 1-0 loss to the  San Jose Sharks, Sunday.

During the post-game wrapup, Perry was whining to the media that Sharks’ goalie Evgeni Nabokov kicked him with the toe of his skate during a pileup in the crease.

“Everything was over,” Perry said. “I was still lying there on my knees. All of a sudden, Nabokov just turned and kicked me. He rolled onto his side and kicked me with his right leg. He hit me with his toe.”

There is nothing suggesting the league is looking into the phantom kick, but Perry claimed that the linesman witnessed this alleged attempt to injure.

“They know,” Perry said of the linesman. “They were standing right over the top of me. The play was over, I don’t know, for 15 seconds.”

Nabokov claimed that after falling on him, Perry crosschecked him in the back.

“I didn’t kick him,” Nabokov said. “I was moving my legs to get up, to get out of there, so whatever he was saying is his problem.

“Ask him what he did.”

Perry denied the crosscheck but played it off as someone pushing him on top of Nabokov.

“I’m not going to try to stay away from him if I get pushed on him,” Perry said.

Regardless of what happened or didn’t happen,  who is going to believe a player with one of the dirtiest young reputations in the game?

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