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Losing fans, the NHL needs Avery’s antics

Sean Avery is a punk.

His antics have been talked about, speculated on and even changed the NHL’ rule book.

He gets into heated arguments with fans when he’s on the road, gets very personal on the ice with players and has been rumored, on multiple occasions, to have had behind the scenes confrontations with coaches and players around the league, to which even his decency as a human being has been put to question.

Some say he’s bad for the game, others vow he will get his one day. Either way, one thing cannot be debated and it’s the reality that Avery is the perfect heel. Good or bad, he brings excitement.

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Flyers waive Josh Gratton

The Flyers’ fourth line carousel continues to turn, as agitator and character role player, Josh Gratton was waived on Monday to make room for the return of Riley Cote from LTIR.  Gratton was acquired from the Nashville Predators oh Oct. 30, in exchange for AHL defenseman Tim Ramholt, just a week before Cote went town with a torn oblique.  Gratton, known as one of the better small enforcers in the league, earned 31 penalty minutes in 11 games for the Flyers and played his role quite nicely.  His skating gave the fourth line of Jon Kalinski and Aaron Asham an energy that impressed the Flyers’ brass, who would like to keep him around.  Gratton will likely pass through waivers and end up back in the AHL.  If Gratton continues to play in the Flyers’ organization, fans will be happy to know it likely won’t be the last time his suits up in the orange and black.

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