Will 88 return? Lindros says no

After a month of speculation and child-like optimism from the Philadelphia faithful about the possible return of Eric Lindros for the final game of the Wachovia Spectrum, the Philadelphia Flyers finally received an RSVP – 88 has prior obligations.

According to a report from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Lindros informed the team he would not be attending the Sept. 27 preseason game against the Carolina Hurricanes due to a memorial service that falls on the same date.

The report also stated that former captain’s Lou Angotti, Ed Van Impe, Bob Clarke, Bill Barber, Mel Bridgman, Dave Poulin, Ron Sutter and Keith Primeau have all accepted the invitation.

On August 1, it became public that the Flyers were handing out invitations to all living captains, to honor the final game at the Spectrum. Lindros was not specifically mentioned, but the implication that Eric would have an opportunity to put his tumultuous past with the organization aside, and be celebrated next to other Flyers’ greats sent a nostalgic buzz throughout Flyerdom.

Many fans have already questioned the validity of Lindros’ invitation decline, even suggesting that his mother and father still read and respond to his mail. Either way, the recent developments simply add to the feminine saga between Eric and the Flyers that is sure to go on for years to come.

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