Could 88 make his improbable return to Philly?

On Friday, the Philadelphia Daily News did a story about the potential skyrocketing ticket prices for the Philadelphia Flyers’ final game at the Wachovia Spectrum, September 27th against the Carolina Hurricanes.

In the piece, Shawn Tilger, senior vice president for business operations was quoted as saying the official number of available tickets is unknown due to the unknown number of invited VIP’s.

“Tilger said that invitations will be going out to all living Flyers’ captains to come in for the game and be honored.”

The name among all Flyers’ captains that stands out the most is the much maligned Eric Lindros.  Lindros left the Flyers after the 1999 season due to increasing bad blood with the organization.  Injury problems forced him finally into retirement in 2007, and it has been discussed when, if ever,  he would make his amicable return to the Flyers to be honored for his play.

If he accepts the invitation, it would be  monumental evidence that time does indeed heal all wounds.

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One response to “Could 88 make his improbable return to Philly?

  1. HUGH

    I say let him come

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