With the 84th pick, the Flyers select goalie Jacob Deserres.

With most of the top goaltenders taken in the second round, the Flyers are forced to pick from potential.  Holmgren selected  standup style goaltender Jacob Deserres, from Seattle of the WHL with their 84th pick.

At 6-foot-2, 190 lbs, Deserres has only two partial years in the WHL, but improved in his second year and has the potential to continue to grow into a real asset.  In 2006-07 Deserres had a 2.79 goals against average in 20 games, and improved on that number in 2007-08, when in 34 games, Jacob notched a 2.28 goals against average.

His coach at Seattle, Rob Sumner, had this to say about Deserres…

“Jake’s game has steadily improved and that says a lot because it was
pretty good to start with. As he has matured, his work ethic and
attention to detail have taken huge steps and he is seeing consistent
results because of it. As his coach I feel fully confident with him in
the net and I know the rest of the team feels the same way.”

Deserres is a calm goaltender, who uses his size to advantage.  He controls rebounds well and sees through traffic with ease.  However, he is clumsy going from post to post.

But true to Flyers’ tradition, in his short time in Seattle, Deserres has been in a goalie fight.

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