Timonen in, Coburn out for game five

The Flyers’ mission to be the first team in 33 years in the NHL to come back from a 3-0 series deficit got a boost Sunday afternoon, when it was oficially declared that defensive captain Kimmo Timonen will be back in a lineup. The addition of Timonen should boost the Flyers’ confidence heading into the do-or-die affair, as well as improve special teams all around.

The same optimism can not be extended to budding star Braydon Coburn, who was officially scratched before game five, despite what was called a “very good practice” from the youngster Saturday morning.

After getting hit between the bridge of the nose and the orbital bone, causing a gash that needed 50 stiches in game three, Coburn’s eye was swollen shut for the next 72 hours, leaving him unable to play in game four. But the expectations that he would return once the swelling went down were dashed when it was hinted that Braydon was feeling some concussion symptoms, which is likely what has put him on the scratch sheet for game five.

Jaroslav Modry will be the odd man out, as Flyers coach John Stevens elected to go with 21 year old Ryan Parent, who has played respectably in his limited post season time.

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