Coburn Doubtful for Game Three.

After being hit with a deflected shot that opened a giant gash from his left eye to his nose in game two, the Flyers best remaining defenseman Braydon Coburn is being reported as doubtful for game three by General Manager Paul Holmgren.

“We’re still waiting to hear word on how his eye actually is. Right now, it’s swollen shut, there are no fractures and he’s doing better,” said Holmgren. “We have no reason to think that there’s anything wrong with the eye itself.

“Last night our doctors who were at the game thought he was fine, but we just wanted him to get checked out by an actual ophthalmologist. Assuming there are no issues there, we’ll just wait for the swelling to go down.

“I would say for the game tomorrow, he’s probably doubtful.”

The swelling around the eye is likely what kept Coburn from coming back into the game despite receiving a rumored 50 stitches. If the swelling goes down before game three, Coburn might be upgraded to a game-time decision.

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