VanRiemsdyk Makes it Official: It’s UNH for One More Year.

After mulling over the decision to go pro or stay put, Flyers’ top prospect James VanRiemsdyk, made it official that he will return to the University of New Hampshire for his sophomore season.

Off the heels of a successful freshman season with 11 goals and 23 assists in 31 games, JVR’s decision to stay in college was expected.

“Coming back to UNH will give me the experience of another year and make me a better hockey player,” VanRiemsdyk told the New Hampshire media, “so when I do sign I’ll be ready to make an impact. It wasn’t necessarily a difficult decision. It’s a place that I love. It’s interesting to see that some of the guys I played with and some of the guys I got drafted with are starting to make a name for themselves in the NHL, and that can pull at you. But I want to make sure I’m fully ready when I make the jump and that I don’t have any regrets when I do that.”

The players JVR is likely referring to is number-one overall pick in the 2007 draft Patrick Kane, who was nominated for Rookie of the Year after a tremendous year with the Chicago Blackhawks and No. three pick Kyle Turris, who played one season with the University of Wisconsin before signing with the Phoenix Coyotes.

But unlike Turris, who some feel went pro too early, VanRiemsdyk wants to be able to make a serious contribution the minute he becomes a Flyer.

“I want to be 100 percent sure and confident I can make the jump,” said JVR, who has been compared to Columbus Blue Jackets standout Rick Nash. “I want to go in there and make an impact. I don’t want to be holding on for dear life.”

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