Timonen Likely Out For Playoffs With Blood Clot.

The Flyers’ hopes for the cup took a serious hit Thursday, as their number-one defenseman Kimmo Timonen, made the medical decision to sit out the remainder of the year with a blood clot in his ankle. Doctors found the clot after checking the same ankle Kimmo damaged when he blocked a shot in game four against Montreal.

“I got hit with a shot in Game 4 against Montreal,” Timonen told the Inquirers Tim Pannacio. “It’s been getting sorer and sorer every day. We thought we’d get it checked out because it didn’t get better and they found a blood clot.

“This was just an awful day for me. I played in Game 5 in Montreal, but it was really hurting me. I have to be honest: I didn’t expect this result. How many times in your life do you get a chance to play for this, with a chance to go to the Stanley Cup Finals? This is just awful.”

Timonen has had issues with blood clots before in his playing days in Nashville, but such an injury still comes as an abrupt surprise.

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