Carbonneau’s Cocky Demeanor Should Fuel Philly’s Fire.

In the press conference following Wednesday’s 4-2 loss to the Flyers, Montreal Canadians’ coach Guy Carbonneau, refused to give Marty Biron and the Flyers credit after Philadelphia took a demanding 3-1 series lead over his Canadians.

“I am still really confident we can win this series,” said Carbonneau, who’s team has not led in any of his team’s three losses. “One day at a time. We have two days now to recharge, then after that, three games in four nights. I like our chances.”

No one expects “Carbo” to admit defeat, but to say he likes his team’s chances down 3-1 is foolish optimism.

“I can’t sit there with the coaching staff and try to change things or the way we play tactically,” he said. “We’re playing great. We have scoring chances and we don’t give too much, but we lost the game.”

The disbelief that the Habs’ bench general seems to feel over his team’s recent losses can be easily construed to be arrogant and dismissive of the Flyers’ efforts. Guy should be trying to get the extra playoff push out of his players, but instead he is essentially telling them it’s not you, it’s luck. And there is nothing you can do about bad luck.

It would benefit John Stevens and the Flyers to pay close attention to the sentiment felt by the Habs. The disrespect could fuel the Flyers into not repeating what happened in the first round against the Capitals, when they gave up a 3-1 series lead and eventually won in the seventh game.

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